The spirit of our culture lies in our desire to build strong loyal relationships with our clients by focussing on technical excellence, innovation and reliable project delivery.

Our Core Values are:

- Focus on satisfying Client's needs.
- Reliable delivery.
- Nurturing and empowering our people.
- Technical excellence.
- Continuous improvement through innovation.
- Ethical Behaviour.
- Be profitable.
- Honesty and integrity - "Do what we say we will do"

These values influence our approach to our business, how we are committed to planning, implementing and monitoring our work, together with our commitment to our clients and employees.

Our dedication to these values has created a culture that enables us to reliably deliver innovative multi-disciplined engineering solutions which earns Clients' trust and attracts committed loyal employees.  Our culture guides us on how we approach our engineering projects, Clients and employees and has served us well over nearly 30 years.

Our culture and values is the source of which the business has developed. The TMK.way which is built around the 7 pillars of operation – Clients, People, Learning and Innovation, Project Delivery, Policies and Procedures, Finance and Technology is the foundation of our future.