forensicTMK provides consulting and expert witness forensic investigations, and reporting associated to specification compliance, defects, causation of damage, and specification of appropriate remediation or reinstatement for insurance companies, solicitors, builders and private clients.

Areas of investigation include an extensive range of destructive and non-destructive site testings, founding soil movement due to environmental influences or burst pipes etc, house cracking, roof frame failures, retaining wall failures, footing failures, dilapidation studies of buildings prior to commencement of major works, dilapidation reports, fire damage repair specifications, storm damage, structural collapse or uplifting of roofs, damage caused by uncompacted filling, underpinning, vehicle impact damage, investigation and repair recommendations for wall dampness problems or water damage, building inspection of properties for prospective purchasers, providing specifications for structural repairs, alterations and preservations of heritage listed buildings
(Design and Construction Management).